Video Conferencing

Why Video Conferencing ?

Video conferencing is almost a necessity for every business both large and small. If you haven’t used video conferencing you may wonder what the hype is all about. Video conferencing solutions are designed to make your business more efficient by collaborating more in real time.

There are a huge range of benefits that video conferencing has brought since it’s first introduction in the 1920s where experiments were conducted including both audio and video. Now video conferencing is finding uses in a wide variety of sectors: Healthcare, Judicial, Education, Corporate for example.

Video conferencing gives you the ability to provide better and more immediate service for your customers in a completely personalized engagement.

4 kvc solutions

Find the right video solutions for your office

Video conferencing offers a way for employees to have more effective communications between each other as well as with customers. These can be:-

1. Point to point

A point-to-point video conference is a type of video conference that is limited to two locations It’s like a telephone call, just with video.

A point-to-point video conference was the norm with traditional video conferencing setups (like closed-circuit TV).

2. Multipoint

Multi-point video conference, which may include more than two locations. We have streamlined products for multi-point video conferencing, as digital data streams use sophisticated videoconferencing resources to facilitate the syncing of various location signals.

3. Streaming

A video streaming platform is a piece of software technology that allows organizations to distribute live and on-demand video over existing corporate networks on a one-to-many or team-to-many scale with no loss of video quality and no negative impact on internal systems. You can even access the video conference at a later time via a web browser.

Advantages of video collaboration

Saves travel cost & time

Increase potential for Collaboration

Visual so increases effectiveness of Communication

Expert users can investigate problems without site visit

We work with top-notch brands to give you superior Video Conferencing experience

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