Lighting Control & Automation System

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Designed with the latest technology, our products are meant to be fast, non-disruptive and allow easy installation.

Smart lighting control also offers dimmers, sensors, and timers that turn off lights automatically to maximise energy saving.

Our lighting control features allow you to operate every light and shade in your home, according to your convenience..

Benefits of using Smart Lighting

Ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface device.

Reduced energy consumption by using light only when and where it is needed most.

Control system and switching

A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems using control loops.

Open Loop Control System

An open-loop control system takes input under the consideration and doesn’t react on the feedback to obtain the output. This is why it is also called a non-feedback control system.

It is also called Manual control system.

Closed Loop Control System

The closed-loop control system means the output of the system depends on their input. The system has one or more feedback loops between its output and input. The closed-loop system design in such a way that they automatically provide the desired output by comparing it with the actual input. The closed-loop system generates the error signal which is the difference between the input and output.

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