Immersive Telepresence


Immersive telepresence is an integrated set of audio, visuals and network conferencing technologies and services that deliver a life-like communications experience. They are truly high end systems for organizations that want to take traditional video conferencing to another level and deliver to their virtual teams and work groups collaboration experiences that are truly realistic.

Crystal helps in delivering distraction free interactive audio, video communication and collaboration with the help  of ‘Immersive Telepresence’

Benefits of Immersive Telepresence

Telepresence encompasses a growing range of technology, from web conferencing to holograms to robots. Here’s a closer look at what immersive telepresence is and how it can make your virtual workplace more lifelike and engaging for your employees, business partners and customers.

Immersive telepresence promotes more engagement by focusing visual and auditory attention on the conversation. Conversation partners are less tempted to be distracted by multitasking when you can see them, and are able to pick up on body language that would go unnoticed over the phone. These features make telepresence useful for applications such as screening job applicants.

Immersive telepresence also boosts productivity by making collaboration easier. The ability to share visual references remotely makes it easier for teams to work remotely without the need to waste time sending files or physical mail back and forth. They also can add persuasiveness to a sales presentation.

In addition to videoconferencing, immersive telepresence also encompasses communications technologies that seek to go beyond audiovisual remote presence to an even more realistic experience that includes 3-D l immersion, movement and collaboration. Immersive telepresence solutions in this category deploy technologies such as holograms, virtual reality and robots.

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