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Help your team collaborate from anywhere. Our HD video conferencing equipment helps you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales and product development to doctor-patient consultations and teacher-student sessions.

Give your team the space, tools and hardware they need to collaborate more effectively. Provide rooms equipped with HD video conferencing systems and HD content sharing.

Empower your business systems with collaboration infrastructure including hardware that fits your company’s size and budget.

Connect your remote teams with the most natural and productive eye-to-eye video conferencing experience possible.

4 kvc solutions

4K VC Solutions

Imagine a conference between two people who are on opposite sides of the globe but feel like they’re sitting in the same room because of the real-life detail in the video. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect and think about how impressed you would be if a sales rep used 4K video conferencing for an introductory call. Wouldn’t you feel more confident about working with or making a purchase from an organization if visuals were crisp, clear and realistic?

Crystal, a pioneer in commercial HD video conferencing and collaboration is also providing 4K video conferencing solutions.

If your business personnel and contacts are spread across the map, High Definition Video Conferencing from Crystal can save you time and money.

High Definition Video Conferencing allows people in multiple locations to communicate and collaborate using high-definition, two-way video and audio, all at the same time and from any number of sites. You will be able to cut down on travel costs and alleviate some of the logistical hassles involved in setting up meetings in one single location.

Benefits of High Definition Video Conferencing

There are tangible benefits that come with using high-definition video conferencing, including better nonverbal communication and more lifelike appearances. HD video becomes an enabler, not an obstacle to collaboration. Depending on the industry — for example, healthcare or garment manufacturing — high-definition details could help with actual job functions.

The advantage of 4K resolution is that it offers better quality images at a higher resolution. The higher resolution can be beneficial in industries that use detailed images, such as manufacturing and healthcare.

Flexibility – Regardless of having advanced notice, it is sometimes difficult for all people involved to make a meeting. Inevitably, last minute issues can arise that will prevent some participants from traveling to the meeting. One of the benefits of high definition video conferencing is that a meeting can go on as scheduled, despite unforeseen delays or other issues that may stop people from attending in person.

Productivity – A real-time video call is more efficient than an ordinary phone call under most circumstances. Charts, graphs, spreadsheets and more can be displayed for all parties to see and discuss. Visuals will get the point across far more effectively than mere descriptions over the phone.

Cost Savings – High Definition Video conferencing eliminates the need for travel expenses such as airline tickets, other travel costs, hotels, and meals. Not having to spend time traveling means the saved time can be spent in more productive ways.

These illustrations are merely some of the benefits of video conferencing. There are many others, for instance, such as no time restrictions, the satisfaction that work-from-home employees derive from their jobs, and the ability to liaise with customers in an engaging way.

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