Visual is the most efficient sense of human. It’s very important to choose a right kind of display which gives you an excellent picture that would be clearly visible and well focussed irrespective of the viewing angle, surrounding lights or the ambience.


With more than a decade experience, Crystal provides you the most innovative & useful visual displays that enforce your meetings, presentation and conferences. Displays are a crucial part of all Audio-Visual Integration application. Its complexity is in its selection for a suitable purpose.

Nowadays when technology is running with no speed limit we make sure that our customers get the right kind of display matching their need and application.

Why do we need a display?

Display plays an important role in your conference rooms to innovate the way of meeting and presentation. For effective presentation it is very important that you should have right kind of display with good quality picture, excellent sound and perfect resolution to match any source. A good display is very much required for any presentation to hold an attention of the audience till the end.

Different types of displays:


LED display is a flat panel  display , which uses an array of  light emitting-diodes as pixel  for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs  and billboards, and in recent years they have also become commonly used in destination signs  on public transport vehicles, as well as variable message signs  on highways. LED displays are capable of providing general illumination  in addition to visual display, as when used for stage lighting or other decorative (as opposed to informational) purposes.


Large format displays  (LFDs) are flat screens that are sleek and very minimal in design, allowing businesses to display messages and presentations to customers and visitors.

Designed with thin bezels, they are usually mounted onto walls and are the prime focus of the room. Available in various sizes starting from 32” and going up to 90”+ they can be used independently or grouped for a multi-screen display, to act as a story board. The typical size of LFD will fall in the 40″-60″ category and will usually have an array or ports and  adapters to play  various types of media

OLED Panels- An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is a light-emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current.

Digital Signages and Video Wall

Digital Signage is a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences.

Crystal provides turn-key digital signage solutions. At the onset, we design, test, pilot and install large scale digital media networks.

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple computer monitors, videoprojectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.