Digital Cafeteria

Digitize the conventional cafeteria

When is a corporate cafeteria more than just a cafeteria?
When it goes digital.
Cafeterias are spaces where employees eat lunch, watch television, and chat with coworkers. However, today’s corporate cafeteria’s is more than somewhere to grab a quick bite for lunch. Equipped with latest technology, modern cafeterias is a place for employees to connect and collaborate.

A well designed cafeteria space must be flexible, with the right technology in place to address a variety of different purposes and use cases easily. With nimble, multi-purpose technology, the cafeteria space can be a central home base within the building and a showcase piece for anyone touring the facility, all with minimal investment.

Crystal understands the dynamic use-cases of these architectural spaces, with dynamic designs and automated intelligent technologies. Crystal provides Cafeterias with solutions that enhance its digital functionality.


Today’s cafeterias must enable organizations to:

  • Share menu information with employees.
  • Stream live television for entertainment.
  • Give presentations in part or all of the space.
  • Distribute video feeds of events to employees.
  • Conduct town hall sessions, video conferencing with people from different places.
  • Conduct team building activities, hold parties, customer events.
  • Monitor and manage technology from a central location.

Features of an ideal digital cafeteria

Digital Signage Displays

Digital Signage Displays Commonly available in 32”- 90” sizes, can be easily configured to accommodate the needs of your modern cafeteria. For larger displays, they can be combined to form a video wall or used singularly for streaming, video conferencing, presentations, and digital signage.

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Digital Signage Menu Boards offer greater capabilities than traditional menu signage, including images of menu choices, interactive features such as order entry and item modification, nutritional information, and promotion of healthy dining options. They allow menu changes and pricing revisions that can be automated or easily implemented manually.


Cafeteria projectors should be of high-resolution so that they can be used with a wide variety of content sources, such as DVD’s and other streaming media from a content server. Projectors can be used in the main cafeteria space to display content for both large group presentations or small interactive sessions

Audio System

For ideal sound clarity during presentations, Crystal uses a dedicated audio system separate from the building’s overhead paging system. Such systems provide zoned distribution, and can be programmed to prevent interruptions from the paging system that is used for information announcements.

AV Control Systems

Sophisticated cafeteria AV control systems in the modern cafeteria simplify our ability to interact with the technology. These systems operate as the main hub of an AV system, integrating all the components together to make it as easy as a press of a button or the click of an icon for end-users to start multiple technologies at once.

Transform traditional food-service into Digital space with Crystal

Crystal help clients create multi-use digital cafeterias which allow the use of the cafeteria for meetings, corporate events and Town Hall events when required. When necessary, the same space can also be used for leisure activities like company parties and team building activities.

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