Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

Why only talk…when you can do a lot
In the world of business , communication plays a foremost vital role for any & every function. A good flow of communication timely and efficiently is a backbone of all organization. Whether you have to address your employees, or you have to talk to your customers & suppliers you really need a technically good system that can be a good medium rather than a barrier.

In simple words Audio refers to sound and Conference means meeting. It is an interpersonal communication that happens between two or more people with a sense of audio. So at a point where it is a challenge to maintain the stagnancy in communication only through a voice with no space of monotony there you really can’t compromise and look forward to technically good audio conference device that can strengthen your conferences and discussions over the phone.

There are numerous methods and technologies that support audio conferencing. Many telephone companies offer the capability of three-way calling. This allows a person to call two other people on separate lines and join them together to form a group. Each person in the group who has three-way calling has the ability to expand the meeting by adding two more people. Participants have a variety of ways they can join an audio conference, including traditional dial-in, through mobile apps or through VoIP connections on a desktop or laptop.

Extending the Reason of Usability of an Audio Conference

Audio Solutions

Crystal offers two types of audio solutions : Portable and installed audio solutions.We’ll work with you to find the best portable/installed audio products to fit your needs.


We have a variety of wireless products, including microphones,
speakers with superior sound quality, sound pressure level meters and more.



Our Installed Audio Solutions deliver consistent, life-like HD audio even in challenging environments such as large meeting spaces and conference rooms.